Railway workshop "MSKOTS”

For the purpose of maintaining its own rail car park and other rail cars entering MSK industrial track system, in accordance with the requirements for ECM certification, MSK has established its own rail workshop. The name of this rail workshop is MSKOTS (Serbian acronim for Methanol acetic acid complex - maintenance of technical means) and it was assigned with the mark R14 by the Railway Directorate of Serbia.

This railway workshop was formally established in year 2015 and as such, it is the youngest one in Serbia and the only one founded in this century. Department of Logistics MSK renewed the certificate of this workshop in year 2019 at the Railway Directorate in compliance with new Regulations on the conditions to be met by railway workshops for the maintenance of railway vehicles.

The MSKOTS railway workshop certification contains specified activities on inspections and minor repairs of RTC's for dangerous goods and on periodic inspections and services of the MSK loco tractors.