About us

MSK a.d. Kikinda produces high-quality chemical products methanol and acetic acid, which are delivered to the customers worldwide.

MSK a.d. Kikinda is a joint-stock company fully named METANOLSKO-SIRĆETNI KOMPLEKS a.d. Kikinda

The headquarters and process plants of MSK Kikinda are located in the immediate vicinity of the town Kikinda, 130 km north from Belgrade.

MSK a.d. Kikinda is also the owner of „MSK-CG“ company at Bar in Republic of Montenegro, where terminal for Acetic Acid transshipment from RTC into the vessels is located. .

The production started in 1987.

MSK AD is one of major industrial entities in Republic of Serbia. Process units of our company are located at the outskirts of Kikinda, 130 km north from Belgrade and 25 km west from the Romanian border.

Finished products of MSK Kikinda are methanol and acetic acid. Yearly production of these products is the following:

  • 200.000 t/g of methanol
  • 100.000 t/g of acetic acid

About 95% of methanol which was not converted into the acetic acid and over 98% of produced acetic acid are made for export , mainly in European Union. Glacial acetic acid produced by MSK Kikinda influences considerably the market developments at the world market by its export volume.

MSK Kikinda has totally 250 private rail-tank cars for acetic acid and methanol, and it has its own terminal at the port of Bar in Montenegro, at the Adriatic Sea, within the registered company MSK-CG d.o.o.;it is 100 % its owner.

MSK Kikinda employs about 520 employees, which is considered to be an optimum number even according to world standards for this type of petrochemical complex.

Quality Management System introduced in MSK includes all products, processes and employees. It integrates into the unique system other management systems as Envoronmental Protection and Occupational Health and Safety System.

The success of the introduced Management System has been confirmed as per Standard ISO 9001, ISO 14001 i BS OHSAS 18001. MSK also has Kosher and Halal certificates for acetic acid.