Human resources

MSK is an export-oriented copany with the vision to become the leader of basic chemistry industry of its region, which would be impossible without a qualified, skilled staff who are always ready to constantly learn and take over the leader s roles.

Administrative Department - Personnel Service is in charge of management of all process managements referring the employees by observing Law on Work and other regulations in force, Collective Agreement and other general documents, procedures and work instructions of the company. Personnel Service defines and carries out the strategy of employment, training and advanced training of the personnel and the planning of company needs for new personnel and their training.

Realizing that the biggest wealth of one company is the knowledge of its personnel, the training process has been established. Its aim is to create the favourable environment for the constant learning, which will support the creativity of its employees and encite them to use the alredy acquired knowledege, in order to increase the efficiency of all MSK processes.

By employing young people,the company aims to achieve the better age distribution professional and skills structure of its employees.

Dear visitors, we have currently no open positions for employment. If You want, You can always send Your CV even without open positions for employment, which will be included in our data base on potential candidates.

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