Mission, vision, strategy


  • MSK mission is to create higher valued products Methanol and Acetic Acid by the valorization of natural resources.
  • To provide basic raw materials for chemical industry and thus enable the manufacture of product that will contribute to more certain,safer, cleaner,easier and  more beautiful Life.
  • To provide a certain and prosperous future for its employees with general welfare and social progress as a whole.


MSK s vision is to be:

  • leader in export-oriented basic chemical industry in the region
  • competitive on world market of Methanol and Acetic Acid regarding product quality, price and level of capacity utilization ,as well as all other services
  • modernly organized, innovative and market oriented company
  • organization which fully manages controls and constantly reduces negative environmental impact
  • organization gathering educated, energetic and innovative personnel ready to learn constantly and overtake leadership roles.while considering the socially responsible aspect of its business activities


Balanced shedule (BSC) has shown that strategic directions of MSK management operations should be, as they are, directed towards the following perspective development:

  • Ecological perspective
    Constant improvement of the environment through the optimization of energy consumption, reduction of emission of harmful substances into the air, land and water, the reduction of waste production of any kind,safe disposal of hazardous waste and the use of ecologically-friendly raw materials and chemicals.
  • Customer perspective
    Only a satisfied Customer is a large Customer. We must ensure that the customer gets exactly what he/she wants, timely, at the desired place and at the least possible price: these requirements make a satisfied Customer: Customer satisfaction is therefore a basic and indispensable prerequisite of the development of all other strategic perspectives.
  •  Business process perspective
    The application of most contemporary business and production techniques, constant adjustment to the requirements and changes of market operations and keeping pace with the advance of production and information technologies.
  • Social perspective
    It means being responsible towards the society as a whole, to local community, particularly by the establishment, maintenance and development of partnership relations with all the interested organizations, communities and individuals in order to achieve common goals to mutual satisfaction.
  • Financial perspective
    To make profitable business, to invest in new development programmes, to conquer new products and thus ensure MSK sustainable growth.
  • Perspective of constant learning and personal development
    To have competent persons at all job positions from operative  to management ones, to invest unconditionally in the development of personal capabilities, knowledge, and ecological and safety awareness of each employee,and to motivate them by the improvement of their living standard.