Corporate Responsibility

The company MSK AD is fully aware of its corporate responsibility, therefore it endeavours to satisfy the needs and demands of all interested parties by its business activity.

We are an employer of highly developed corporative responsibility, who considers the employees its great strength. By our personnel policy, we contribute to the establishment of job position where each individual can have the possibilities for professional and personal development. We take account of safety and health of our employees, through the constant education for safe work, as well as regular medical examinations in accordance with legal regulations.

We try to protect the environment, both by minimizing the negative impact on the natural environment and by observing the principles of sustainable growth.

We cherish fair and proper relations with our Customers, by delivering our products on time, in the specified quality.

We contribute actively to the development of our society as a whole by supporting the projects and initiatives of the broadest social significance which are in conformity with the values we are commited to.

MSK Policy