With the aim to achieve smooth operation of all processes in MSK AD, it is necessary to timely procure equipment, raw materials, chemicals, spare parts, materials, services and construction works.

The purchase in MSK includes about 24.000 items. It is carried out by verified Suppliers. Each procured product and service are subject to receiving inspection before they are received in MSK, in order to assess their conformity with the subject quality specifications according to which they had been procured.

Receiving inspection of goods and services is carried out by the controllers. If the product non-conformity is determined during the procedure of the inspection, the product shall be returned to the Supplier with the statement of negative references for the subject delivery.

Controllers assess each delivery, and the the delivery assessment is included in overall Supplier assessment

General Purchase Requirements

General requirements and regulations of MSK ad Kikinda for purchase of goods pdf
General Rules (Guidelines) for the engagement of Contractor - Occupational Health an Safety  
Instruction for Contractors in MSK: Preparations for the connection of consumer to low-voltage (NN) distribution networks in MSK  
Instruction for Contractors on waste material disposal management