Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM)

MSK owns rail tank cars produced in accordance with European Regulations intended exclusively for the transport of its own products:

  • Methanol: 62 pcs. capacity 75 m3 and 26 pcs. capacity  95 m3
  • Acetic acid: 100 pcs. capacity 56 m3, 12 pcs. capacity 55 m3 and 10 pcs. capacity 45 m3.

Transport of MSK products is mainly carried out by RTC's with the mandatory application of RID regulations.

Since May 26th, 2015 MSK has the ECM Certificate delivered by certification body - Directorate for Railways of Republic of Serbia. In the year 2018 it was renewed for the next five years. You can find our ECM certificate on the web site ERADIS or you can directly download it here.

In accordance with Art.15 "Uniform Rules on Technical Admission of Railway Material used in International Traffic", ATMF - Appendix G to Convention COTIF 1999, „MSK“ a.d. Kikinda thus takes over the rights, duties and liabilities of the Entity (ECM) in charge for maintenance of its private rail tank cars.

MSK is obliged to keep all rail tank cars in good condition, in order to ensure their safe performance, railway infrastructure, environment and the health of employees. MSK regularly hires the certified rail workshop which owns the Maintenance management system for the maintenance execution of rail tank cars.

MSK maintenance system comprises four functions of ECM system:

  • the function of management
  • the function of maintenance development
  • the function of management of railway rolling stock maintenance
  • the function of maintenance execution