General Contract on Usage of (freight) wagons (GCU

General Contract of Use for (freight) wagons (GCU-en./ AVV-de./ CUU-fr.) is a multilateral contract based on International Convention COTIF 1999 and Annex CUV. GCU defines the mutual rights and liabilities of the Keeper of freight cars (К - Keeper) and Railway Undertakings  (RU – Railway Undertakings) referring the use of railway freight cars as the transport means in Europe and outside it.

MSK a.d. Kikinda has been the signatory of GCU since the year 2011. You can find related MSK contacts at the GCU Bureau website. As well, you can find these contacts using the search by wagon number.

Please, use the e-mail address rail@msk.co.rs for providing us information related to MSK RTC’s in traffic. This e-mail address is printed on both sides of each RTC of the Keeper MSK.