Storage facilities - Transport

Storage product facilities:

  • Methanol tanks: 2 tanks of 10.000 m3
  • Acetic Acid tanks: 2 tanks of 5.000 m3

MSK private rail tank cars (RTC):

MSK owns rail tank cars produced in accordance with European standards and intended solely for the transport of MSK products:

 Total number of rail tank cars
Methanol rail tank cars 88
Acetic Acid rail tank cars 122

Transport and distribution of finished products are carried out by railway, by road and by marine transport. MSK owns industrial railway tracks installed in the factory for the manipulation of RTC's during the loading and the reloading. As well, there is the reloading site for tank vehicles with the accompanying roads. Products loading can be carried out in all weather conditions.

Also, MSK has a terminal in the port of Bar, Montenegro with the installation for Acetic acid manipulation and loading into the vessels.

MSK has so far developed a wide distribution network keeping in mind the available capacity. The supply dynamics is organized to meet the demands and needs of customers, provide good control of the market for the purpose of better positioning, customer care and reducing transportation costs.

Methanol deliveries are mainly carried out by rail with a focus on customers in Central and Eastern Europe.

Acetic acid is equally delivered by all transport means.

ADR/RID regulations are applied on transport of MSK products.