Environmental Protection

Business activities in MSK are based on the responsible relation towards their environment, with the constant endeavour to minimize or eliminate all the impacts and risks which may have negative impacts on the environment.

MSK is, at all its levels, devoted to continuos improvement of environmental management and constant promotion of the improvements, and all MSK employees act according to the set goals and operate so as to prevent and reduce the impact of their company on the environment.

In accordance with legal requirements, monitoring of all predicted parameters which could have impact on the environment is carried out. Monitoring results are analyzed and submitted to the authorities.

We purify water waste. In such a way we prevent the negative impact on the subterranean and surface waters.

We apply the methodological approach of waste management. We define the procedures, responsibilities and liabilities of the employees regarding the prevention or reduction of waste development, as well as appropriate treatment of all types of waste materials which are generated.

Management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste is carried out in the responsible way, with complete application of the hierarchical principles, regulations and standards in this area.

Potential risks and way of protection during their use and handling have been identified for all the chemicals being produced and used in MSK.

MSK priority aims in the following period are:

  • To fulfill the requirements for getting integrated licence permit (IPPC permit),
  • To carry out activities referring the Seveso II Directive,

In such a way we want to transmit our positive attitude to all our associates, suppliers, customers and local community, with the aim to preserve the environment for the generations to come.